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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Knowledgebase reliable? Is the medical information verified?

The Knowledgebase content is rigorously reviewed by a 90 member medical review board. Members of the Medical Review Board are nationally recognized specialists from throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Their credentials include board certification, academic appointments at the nation's leading medical schools, active involvement in research, and publication in peer-reviewed journals and medical textbooks. But just as important, these specialists share our commitment to helping consumers make better decisions about their health.

It is through the Medical Review Board's rigorous processes that the health content is reliable, medically accurate, and up to date. We develop content with a strong commitment to evidence-based medicine, behaviorally sound patient motivation techniques, and plain language.

Q. How much will this cost us?

This is a very cost effective way of attracting new patients, which means your investment is likely to pay for itself in a few weeks ! Please contact or fill the enquiry form to receive the pricing details.

Q. Will we receive the Knowledgebase on a CD?

The Knowledgebase is only available online although you can copy parts of it for your use from the website. The information is stored on a central server which enables it to be effectively managed and updated. Also a lot of the tools such as 'Decision Aids' to work require code to be run on the server. These interactive components will not work offline and can be accessed online only.

Due to it being present on the internet, the Knowledgebase will be available to you and your patients online 24x7, 365 days a year.

Q. Will I have to allocate additional hosting resources on my own website? What do you require from my web host?

You will not be required to add any additional hosting space or resources to your existing website. The Knowledgebase is hosted on a centrally located server which we maintain and update at our end.

However you will be required to create a sub-domain (e.g. or and point it to our server. Our technical team will assist you in this process. You can also get more information on the how it works page.

Q. Will the Knowledgebase site look different from our company website?

We can customize the look and feel of the Knowledgebase site to closely match your company website. We can also cross links between your company site and the Knowledgebase site to provide visitors a seamless navigation flow. We will try our best to make the visitor feel that the Knowledgebase is an extension of your own site.

Q. How will I know how many people visited the Knowledgebase site?

We can embed analytics tools in the Knowledgebase site to track visitor movement and usage and provide you with reports about the same. These reports will give you an accurate picture of the Knowledgebase usage.


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