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Are you making the most of your hospital's website ?

Your hospital has a great website with lots of clever graphics, health calculators, videos, and flash presentations ! Your marketing department is very pleased that you now have a Youtube and Twitter channel and a Facebook page. However, if you are using your hospital website as just a branding tool or a digital hospital brochure , you are not getting most bang for your buck !

You need to integrate Information Therapy as part of your medical workflow, so your doctors  can provide  better medical care to their patients; and your patients can have a hospital experience they can rave about !

By using clever new applications based on the Healthwise Knowledgebase, you can marry Information Therapy with EMRs, patient portals and web 2.0 social media, to improve the care you provide to your patients, to convert them into raving fans !

Let's consider a patient with arthritis who needs knee replacement surgery. If your website has lots of valuable content on arthritis and its treatment options, it will rank high on google, which means the patient is very likely to come across your website during his search. If the information you provide is reliable; easy to understand; objective and updated, your hospital's image in the patient's eyes improves dramatically ! You can then "convert" this online visitor into a real-life patient by encouraging him to get in touch with you !

Similarly, let's look at the same patient who is being admitted for elective knee replacement surgery. Prior to admission  you can send a welcome email , along with a link to your hospital website which has a lot of accurate information on knee replacement surgery, so they know what to expect  during their hospital stay. Not only does this help to relieve the anxiety of the patient and his family, they will also be very impressed by your thoughtfulness and patient-centred focus !

This can be automatic and inexpensive  - you just need to embed this into your admission process ! It helps  your doctors as well  and saves them a lot of time , as they do not need to explain the basics once again, since the email has already done this ! You can do this after discharge as well - and this combination of high tech with high touch can be a winning formula ! It also helps to improve your doctor's efficiency, as these emails reduce  phone calls to your doctors, since most routine queries have been proactively answered !

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