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Are you using Information Technology intelligently to keep your customers happy ?

The Indian healthcare insurance market has become extremely competitive ! While most health insurance companies are good at processing claims, they do very little to help their patients have a better medical experience !

Here's a simple solution which uses Information Therapy and Information Technology to get your customers to become raving fans !

If you include the Healthwise Knowledgebase in your website, along with the pre-authorisation email you send to patients prior to hospitalization, you can send them a link to the relevant information on your website, to educate them about their medical problem, so they know what to expect ! This will create happy patients and increase customer loyalty . Not only can this be a USP, it's very useful for your doctors as well ( who get a copy of the email at the same time !) . It saves your doctor a lot of time , as they do not need to explain the basics once again, since the email has already done this ! It also helps to improve the doctor's efficiency, as these emails reduce  phone calls to your doctors , since most routine queries have been proactively answered !

It's a fact of life that patients ( and their family members) will search the web for information when they are ill. The major problem arises when patients get unreliable information when they search on their own . Not only do they get confused , they end up wasting a lot of the doctor's time, because of their erroneous preconceived notions. On the other hand, if you provide reliable, trustworthy information yourself on your website , it helps to increase the patient's trust in your company - and in your doctors ! This is a great inexpensive way of building good will and patient loyalty !

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