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Where does your hospital website rank on google ?

When someone falls ill, you want them to come to your hospital for their treatment. Just like you want to be their preferred real-life destination for treatment of their medical problems, shouldn't you want to be their online preferred destination as well ?

Everyone knows that patients go online to research their medical problem and their treatment options. In fact , searches for medical problems are the second commonest reason for going online (after pornography !)

However, patients will not google your hospital name. When someone has arthritis and needs knee replacement surgery, they will do a google search for knee replacement surgery. Does your hospital website feature on Page 1 ? Or are you going to lose them to your competing hospital's website ?

If they come to your website, the chances they will come to you for their treatment improve dramatically ! On the other hand, if they go to another hospital's website, the chances are high you will lose these patients. The question you need to ask yourself is - Can you afford to ? These are usually well-off patients who can pay for their treatment !

The question you need to ask is simple - Why doesn't your website come up on Page 1 when patients do a google search when they are looking for medical information ? The reason is simple - your website does not have enough valuable content for patients ! Content is what patients are looking for - and this is what google looks for as well !

It's a fact of life that patients ( and their family members) will search the web for information when they are ill. The major problem arises when patients get unreliable information when they search on their own . Not only do they get confused , they end up wasting a lot of the doctor's time, because of their erroneous preconceived notions. On the other hand, if you provide reliable, trustworthy information yourself on your website , it helps to increase the patient's trust in your hospital - and in your doctors ! This is a great inexpensive way of building good will and patient loyalty !

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